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"For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men." - Titus 2:11

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A December to remember

One of the most unforgettable experiences during our childhood is the Christmas season because it brought fun-filled memories. The sad thing about being an adult is that it seems that the "magic" and excitement about it has gone. But for those who celebrated a Christ - filled Christmas, it’s not just memorable and exciting but one that was especially meaningful.

A meaningful celebration this season was those moments I shared with the people I serve. To name a few were the Small Group Christmas Fellowship held last Dec.3. It was an early celebration but I was amazed of how God provided for the overflowing gifts and food that time. As was said, "walang umuwing gutom at luhaan" especially the people in the outreaches we are ministering. Even the extended program for our SGM leaders was fun. Thanks to the support of our sponsors and friends from GBC. But Christmas is not always fun. The death of Warlita Aquino on Dec.10 brought sorrow to us and the bereaved family but we praise God for the opportunity to extend comfort through the preaching of God's word and songs during the funeral and interment services. Then we had the Christmas Cantata held last Dec.17. With just few weeks of preparation, the choir managed to present a beautiful and meaningful message to bring us back to Bethlehem through their songs. As my long time friend Ptr. Mac Blanco who attended that night commented "wala paring kakupas-kupas ang choir nyo". Praise God!

Another meaningful event was the Christmas Fellowship I had with my co-workers last Dec. 22. Together with our families and some deacons, we spent that day with simple games, prizes and affirmations from each other during our exchange gifts. The evening was special when the choir caroled us, gave encouraging words and prayers. I also enjoyed the time I spent with them when we went to NTM in Bataan last Dec26. Our mini-concert brought encouragement to all of the missionaries who came to attend the conference including Emma and Clara, our old time missionaries. One choir member was so happy to see the place once more after 20 years. Of course my most meaningful was the Christmas I spent with my family and in-laws. Aside from requesting me always to say grace for the food (kasi Pastor), we won 2 major prizes during the game. If you happen to guess what were those prizes, (and the game) we will give them to you. Ask my wife Loida.

I must admit that Christmas is sometimes stressful. Many times I slept late at night because of varied things to attend to and it is not something I am accustomed to do. But it did not deprive me of a meaningful experience because I spent Christmas with my brothers and sisters in the Lord. They are not just connected with me but most of all related to me because of our common bond After all, the essence of Christmas was when Christ spent time with the people whom he loved.


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